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it's not about if you will love me tomorrow Part 1 | February 2019 

Art Factory | With the support of Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports

Part of a threeforld thematic, these are dance performances as games in public view that release questions about the relation of dance and its viewing,

about the conflicts and the dynamics that activated this absurd relation.

All of them take place in a moving platform that changes its inclination according to the translocations of performers’ movement.

In this part, the platform is connected to sensors that detect the movement and translate it into sound.


motto: Dance is not a medium to express something. Dance is present or not present.

"The ground seems to tremble, and I stand on this world vividly immovable and spiritually erect".

Part 1 is a “duet” of a performer and a disco ball, a self-referential solo of a dance maker and her reflection in a play for balancing the ball and for balancing the voice of her speech or her mind chatting. What will eventually conquer? The world of language or the sound of her play?


The thematic, entitled It's not about if you will love me tomorrow, is inspired by the Japanese concept of space Ma (negative/empty space) and the skyline, the line dividing the earth and the firmament; a straight line that "exists" only because of the observer's position. In this regard, the creator is also being explored: the way the creator is placed in systems of cognition and perception, systems that have shaped the human relation in terms of action, to an "imbalance" which only through mobility and rhythm can eventually come to "balance".

By destabilizing the ground, it comments on issues about the identity of a creator through the dance medium as well as on issues of control and reservation of control, on issues towards evolution and progress against vitality and organic life, on issues of choreography and the ephemerality of dance.

It is an ironic and self-referential solo for “an immobile dancer and a scholar of movement “.

The exploration focuses on the empty space between two "points" ―where point means place, time, Speech, human― and examines the shortest path between them, as well as the intervening that gives whatever form eventually to anything. The performance, by projecting the necessity as the only source of form, experiments with the need of the state of dance within the cycle of order and disorder, and its attempt to place itself on a stage that the viewer observes by looking at it from the shortest pathways, just the way the spectator observes the horizon.


Movementscape/performer: Androniki Marathaki

Platform design and construction: Filippos Vasileiou

Interactive sound design and programming: Lampros Pigounis

Lightscape: Nysos Vasilopoulos

Text trainer: Kostis Kallivretakis

Discourse consultants: Nikos Flessas, Aggelos Petrovas


Contributed to the construction of the platform: Nikos Stathopoulos, Giorgos Vasileiou, Vasilis Vasileiou

Outside eye: Vitoria Kotsalou

Communication/Press: Vasilis Gretsistas


Documentation (photo & video): Alekos & Christos Bourelias

Visual communication: Eftihia Liapi

Production management: Delta Pi

Financially supported by Ministry of Culture & Sports/Greece (2019)


Supported by Koinos Topos institute, Duncan Dance Center & Apparat Athen

Special thanks to Anastasios Mponakis

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