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it's not about if you will love me tomorrow Part 2 | June 2019 

Athens & Epidavrus Festival 

Part of a threeforld thematic, these are dance performances as games in public view that release questions about the relation of dance and its viewing,

about the conflicts and the dynamics that activated this absurd relation.

All of them take place in a moving platform that changes its inclination according to the translocations of performers’ movement.

In this part, the platform is connected to sensors that detect the movement and translate it into sound.


A platform whose movement and inclination changes depending on where people stand and transfer their weight is divided among four performers. The performers test their limits within this new order of things, as the most reliable thing imaginable, the ground, is destabilized and becomes part of a fluid universe of ever-changing space, rhythm, and mobility.

The game is built on the concept of fair-cake cutting, a fair division problem on how to divide a ‘space’ such as a cake or a territory or a frequency domain so that they everyone can receive the ‘space’ they personally believe should be theirs. That is, a division, not in equal parts, bur in parts which embrace and appeal to each participant’s individual values and preferences.


 It is a quartet of pathways towards a shared  centre that finds balance through the re-tracing of gravity and of the “weight”of visual perception. An ever changing and sensorial coordinated common space that invited the performers to divide it according to their premises: their weight, their perception, their observations, their actions and interactions. All of them in relation to falling and balancing, all decisions as part of a place that influences them and is influenced by every choice in locomotion.

The research theme made an effort to examine our weight as something not stable, but as something directly attached to our responses and our availability or not to process the flow of movement and the dance world.

the scores of the dance performance "it's not about if you will love me tomorrow_Part 2", in Athens & Epidavrus Festival 2019


Performers: Kostis Kallivretakis,Candy Karra, Loukiani Papadaki, Giorgos Fritzilas

Platform design and manufacture: Filippos Vasileiou

Interactive sound design and composition: Lampros Pigounis

Lightning design: Nysos Vasilopoulos

Costume design: Konstantina Mardiki

Dance making: Androniki Marathaki


Filming,Video editing, Photos: Alekos-Christos Bourelias

Visual Communication: Eftichia Liapi

Production management: Konstantinos Sakkas (Delta Pi)

Production: Athens & Epidaurus festival

The artists received funding from the Hellenic Ministry of Culture (2019).


Supported by the Koinos Topos Institute.

Koinos Topos Institute

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