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a masturdating

February 2018

Masturdating” is a word used for a dating with ourselves for one action (ex. lunch, dinner, cinema, performance etc.)

With a clear connotation in masturbating, a word and a sexuality that has not been discussed so much as any other in the last three centuries, 7 performers get ready for a masturdating in the New Year’s Eve concert by the Philharmonic orchestra of Vienna.

The connection with what is expected socially is fatal. The question is how it affects the self and the others. The performers explore their relation to a plane surface.


The performance is inspired by the history of the sexuality of masturbation, going through all its stages from the 17th century until today, with every next stage never surpassing the previous. It starts as a simple event, becomes wrong way of living and a self-infectious habit that could even cause death and finally ends up being a way of self-independence, sexual dynamism and self-love. Modern phenomena such as group masturbations, online live masturbation communities as well as solo-marriages, love-coaching and networks through which you can track down neighbours available for sex, show a different meaning in the way human perceives love today.

In the meantime, the 7 solos and the performance itself, all together compose the confession of performance, a mutual co-articulation at the point of which the participants, spectator-performer-creator, couldn’t but imagine each other’s desires

We confess the power of a culture that feels and weighs reality through sight and speech and in which all the secrets of the initiation into a process or act has primarily been explained, understood and fantasized about, in other words it has been simply confessed.


Performers: Matina Kokolaki, Emmanouela Korki, Loukiani Papadaki, Aris Papadopoulos, Martha Pasakopoulou, Maria Pasxalidou, Achilleas Chariskos

Set consultance : Konstantina Mardiki

Lightning design consultunce : Nyssos Vasilopoulos

Dramaturgy consultant: Konstantinos Ntellas

Publicity & Communication: Yorgos Katsonis

Photography – Promo video: Myrto Apostolidou

Artwork: Eftichia Liapi

Artistic director: Androniki Marathaki

Supported by Ministry of Culture and Sports and ‘Koinos Topos’ Institute


Premiered 1 Feb 2018

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